Internet Monk hits his 77th Podcast

kinnon —  November 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

My favourite pod-pastor, Michael Spencer has hit number 77 in his podcasts. (If I was a better human being, I would have listened to them all. I haven’t.)

Michael powerfully questions the prosperity gospel in this podcast, riffing off the questions coming from Senator Charles Grassley. This is an important podcast. Please make a point of listening to it at Michael’s Internet Monk site or via iTunes. It’s hard hitting but a must listen.

Michael includes some great thoughts on Internet community…and the lack thereof.

Michael also points to a new music e-zine, Patrol. Check it out. (Especially you – Liam, Rylan, Kaili, Josh et al.)Their review about the newest Casting Crowns album cracked me up. An excerpt,

On The Altar and the Door, the Crowns’ intolerable strike three, they detail their bloated sound with Coldplayish soundstage elements, making for a lineup that sounds like a very bad Crowns album produced by Chris Martin. Hall tries once again, bless his heart, to wrestle with big spiritual ideas, and ends up more preachy and puerile than he’s ever been. If you think Casting Crowns is the band that, try as it might, can’t do anything right, then you’re not far from the truth.



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