Late Afternoon Coffee

kinnon —  November 2, 2007 — 16 Comments

Millstreetcoffee_bottle_2 I’m sitting in the front lobby of our loft sipping my late afternoon coffee drink. I didn’t brew it myself. And I didn’t go out to get it from one of the great Danforth Coffee Shops.

This drink is made with coffee beans from the Distillery District’s Balzac’s Coffee – but it’s like no other coffee I’ve ever tasted. My eldest had tried it some months ago and hated it. I love it. My dear wife got it for my birthday…and I’m very appreciative. It’s a Mill Street Coffee Porter and it is delicious. Almost the best of both worlds. Great coffee and great beer.

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

16 responses to Late Afternoon Coffee

  1. If you were a real Christian you wouldn’t be drinking coffee.

  2. No, that’s Mormons who don’t drink coffee … they drink Diet Coke. Cause it’s not about the caffeine.

  3. Bill, you need some Stir Stick Stout. Trust me on this.

    Hmmm, actually it’d be cool to put those two beers up beside each other…

  4. gross. gross. gross.

  5. Li,
    When you are as well aged as your old man, you’ll probably learn to enjoy it. Especially since I get two of my favourite drinks in one!

  6. Sonja,
    I have many wonderful Mormom clients. I think they can make wonderful Christians. Don’t you?

  7. Beer and coffee, Rickard would be in heaven. His 2 favorite vices in 1 drink. Have you had Cokes drink with coffee? It’s Coke and coffee together. Not sure I like it.

  8. Redhook in Seattle brews a nice one as well…It was always a highlight of the brewery tour.

  9. LOL … I have many Mormon friends, but I don’t play that game.

    My favorite beer OTOH is a chocolate stout. And I’m intrigued by the idea of combining my favorite beverage (coffee) with my second favorite (beer) … that sounds like fun doubled!!

  10. Sonja,
    I’m sorry. I thought you wrote Mormom. My dyslexia must have gotten in the way.

    The Mormoms are a sect who believe that women have final authority. They trace their routes through Priscilla to Deborah. They believe the Bible is inerrant, except when men interpret it. They also believe Mark Driskol needs a good spanking.

  11. Just want you all to know I’m having another Coffee Porter whilst reading your comments. Can’t believe this post has had as many comments as it has. Just goes to show the importance of beer and coffee…together.

    BroMayn, I’d be more than happy to sample whatever good beer comes out of the ‘peg.

    Erika, wish I’d known about the Redhook Coffee beer as I was just in the Seattle area.

    Sonja, I’m tending to view Juan as a bit of a troll. Though I found his last comment rather droll.

    Juan, troll that you may be, the Mormom sect sounds rather interesting…and I think you meant Driscoll, didn’t you. I would tend to agree with the Mormoms disciplinary attitude towards young Mark.

  12. And Lori, that’d be why Rickard and I enjoy spending as much time together as we do. Never had the Coke Coffee drink because I’m a Christian. And I don’t think Christians should drink Coke. After all, our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (in my case a rather larger than necessary temple, mind you).

    Sonja! Mmm. Chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm!

  13. ???? Um I have coke everyday… Oh my Am I not a christian. Sh–. I think you and Rickard like spending time together because of your twisted humor, the other things are added bonus’;-)

  14. LOL … a droll troll. I’m too simple, but that’s funny.

    Chocolate is good … and has the additional quality of making a mean (award winning) chili!!

  15. Bill, it’s the beer. Too much, and some of us go from being a mere temple to being a grand cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

  16. just sad to hear we haven’t got one that you like…cheers ! @MolsonFerg


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