Meet Sandy, My New Assistant

kinnon —  November 1, 2007 — 3 Comments

Sandypa I’ve always wanted a person Friday (well, actually, I used to have one years ago) and now I have one (again). Her name’s Sandy. Some of you might find her a tad cartoonish, but I like the way she works. And the great thing is…she’ll work for you to.

I stumbled across Sandy’s availability while reading Scoble’s link blog yesterday but wasn’t sure how well she’d work for me. Especially as she might end up displacing Remember the Milk. But with each task I give her, I’m getting more convinced of her usefulness.

Check Sandy out. See if she’ll work for you. A couple of emails back and forth and the two of you could be in for a beautiful relationship.



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3 responses to Meet Sandy, My New Assistant

  1. Bill,

    My wife could get jealous! However, since she does not make coffee, I might have to hire someone else!

  2. I’m trying to see if there is a way to get Sandy to play nice with Vitalist and Jott. Maybe…maybe…

  3. How does Sandy work with Remember the milk?

    I use both, though I have to admit I use remember the milk more right now…

    I would love to make these work together now that both work flawlessly with Jott


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