Only in my Dreams!

kinnon —  November 19, 2007 — 4 Comments

Imbi keeps wondering about the cost-benefit of my blogging addiction. She just needs to look at this:

My blog is worth $97,665.42.
How much is your blog worth?

And perhaps this is what it’s really worth…based on an email from this morning. (And no, I won’t be selling those pages for that price…or any price for that matter.)




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4 responses to Only in my Dreams!

  1. Bill, I think it should be shared by all who read your blog! That way it is a win- win!!!

  2. $3,387.24 not bad for only blogging for a month or is it??? 😉

  3. Deal, man! Take the Deal!

  4. wow. my blog has “netted” $282 per day on the net.

    why can’t i do that justly IRL instead of just URL?

    it’s just not fair!

    cyberpoopies, dood …


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