Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

kinnon —  November 22, 2007 — 1 Comment

As our friends across the border express their profound gratitude by flying, driving, eating and buying I am reminded of my own thankfulness. I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife and fabulous kids, great friends, more than enough food to eat, warm shelter (in the midst of an ice storm) and a missional God who calls us into His great adventure.

Jonny Lang’s song, Thankful is particularly appropriate – a duet with my favourite singer, Michael McDonald. (Link opens Jonny’s MySpace page where you can hear the song.)



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One response to Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

  1. Lol! This is the first American Thanksgiving I’ve had since I married my Kanuk husband and immigrated north 7 years ago. You’ve hit the nail on the head! Flying, driving, eating and buying. How else CAN you express your gratitude?! 😀


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