The Hanster wants to be Glenn Reynolds

kinnon —  November 15, 2007 — 1 Comment

Just before I shut off Google Reader (and my apparent lack of life) for the night, I took one last look…and what should I see.

Well. First. My two new posts. Of course.

And then.

29. Twenty-Nine. Είκοσι εννέα. Negenentwintig. Veinte nueve. Zwanzig neun. 29 New Posts. From the Hanster. Mr. Kamp Krusty, Brant Hansen. Who does he think he is? Glenn Reynolds.


‘course it could’ve just been a burp from the Way Back Machine, eh!



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One response to The Hanster wants to be Glenn Reynolds

  1. Yeah … he managed to put 42 (the secret of the universe) in my Google reader. Of course, since I have not known about him for long, I’ve been enjoying his way back machine.


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