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kinnon —  November 15, 2007 — Leave a comment

Darryl Dash has been writing an extended blog series on Metzger’s book, Consuming Jesus. (I referenced Darryl’s series earlier in the week.) Scot McKnight has begun to review the book and he uncharacteristically appears ticked with Metzger’s comments on the consumeristic nature of churches like Willow Creek and Saddleback:

It is odd that he picks on Warren and Hybels who, though clearly shaped by marketing strategies, are the two most socially-active megachuch pastors in the USA. None of this is documented with statistics or evidence — nor his comments about emergent.

Darryl responds with his post, Consuming Jesus: A Response to Scot McKnight. Darryl says this,

Scot McKnight is a prolific blogger and scholar. His books and posts are always worth reading. Beyond that he’s a gentleman and he gave me great advice on buying a fountain pen. I don’t always agree with him – but rarely have I read a post that’s left me scratching my head as much as this one on Paul Metzger’s book Consuming Jesus.

Please read all of Darryl’s post. I’ve commented there.



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