U2- Wave of Sorrow

kinnon —  November 15, 2007 — 3 Comments

From iLike President Ali Partovi, (Note: Video won’t show up in Google Reader and other RSS feed readers.)


I’m writing to share the coolest accomplishment of my life. You’ve *got* to check this out. My brother and I recently met Bono. We told him how iLike can help him talk to U2 fans in video. Inspired, Bono sang us a new song that U2 had just finished recording, and I captured it on video using my Nokia phone! The result is an *amazing* short clip. You’ll be blown away — and please forward it to your friends. This emotional video shows an intimate, personal side of Bono. The song, "Wave of Sorrow" (to be released next week) was written 20 yrs ago and is even more powerful and relevant today. Definitely check it out — words don’t do it justice.

Ali Partovi

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3 responses to U2- Wave of Sorrow

  1. Bill,
    Thanks for this link!!!!

  2. I think Bono might be a modern day prophetic voice. I’m sure he has the Heart of God. thanks for the link Bill.

  3. Amazing song. Can’t wait for its release.


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