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kinnon —  November 16, 2007 — Leave a comment

Let me be rude for a moment. (Like I’ve ever asked before.) If you’re involved in urban ministry and you haven’t pointed your RSS reader @ Richard Florida’s blog, you’re an idiot a less informed individual than you could and should be. From today’s post @ The Creativity Exchange, Why Conservatives Should Care About Cities (quoting Wilfred McKay):

…every great city is really a collection of strong neighborhoods, in each of which there is far less anomie in fact than may appear to be the case to an outside observer. And because conservatism is, or should be, partly about faithfulness to memory, it is highly important to note that a great city is much more likely to carry forward the material vestiges of the past, and the memories those vestiges hold, than is most any American suburb or small town.

But every great city does something like the same thing and can engender something like the same experience: an experience forming the core of any authentic conservatism. For conservatism cannot be merely an attachment to certain abstract principles. It is also an attachment to real and tangible things, and to the past out of which those things, not to mention we ourselves, have emerged.

Please go and read the entire post – and also subscribe to the RSS feed.



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