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kinnon —  November 6, 2007 — Leave a comment

My friend and Wikiklesia editor, John La Grou writes a blog worth subscribing to. John’s most recent post is Ubi-Network vs the Dominance Machine. In it he says,

Ubiquitous networking is here, and it is working. Compared to the models it is replacing, P2P is nothing short of healthy social anarchy. It is rewriting the essential nature of commerce, politics… and religion. It is rapidly replacing the dominance machine. I read articles about “bloggers and their audiences” and realize that the prevailing paradigm still doesn’t get it. Such thinking implies a fading duality, “like the distinction between those who read a newspaper and those who write it.” (HT Bob Carlton).

The blogosphere, the glocal conversation, is simultaneously creator and audience – talker and listener. And in the best Quaker traditions, the voices who truly have something to say rise consensually to the front, but then must allow the conversation to continue freely, without central control. The spotlight becomes a floodlight. The hard line that once divided speaker and audience melts under the heat of that incredibly bright light.

Read the entire post, please.



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