A Fitch and McKnight Audio Clip on Reveal

kinnon —  December 14, 2007 — 3 Comments

Here’s a clip from the radio interview with Dave Fitch and Scot McKnight yesterday (13/12/07) talking about Willow Creek’s Reveal. Dave is the person responding to the announcer. (Dave sounds a little like Jack Nicholson – the announcer sounds like your generic radio voice.) (Note: the player doesn’t show up in your RSS reader.)

What’s interesting in this clip is that Scot, responding to David, suggests that the Reveal study does not show a consumerist church but rather a congregational model at work. 

The  radio interview can be downloaded from here as a zip file.



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3 responses to A Fitch and McKnight Audio Clip on Reveal

  1. Wow. I missed the actual broadcast, so I’m just now catching up.

    I’m stunned by Scot’s comments in this clip. Sure, Willow didn’t invent the failure of discipleship in churches. Even Jesus couldn’t get through to everybody. But this is different. Willow has championed a specific approach. They have evangelized the rest of the church world to take up a needs-driven, seeker-sensitive approach.

    It’s mind-boggling to me that Scot is trying to brush this off as nothing special, entirely non-unique. Even Willow’s own leaders aren’t taking that line. The professor doth protest too much.


    The man is VERY smart…and very generous. But maybe he needs to repeat Church Polity 101 …


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