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kinnon —  December 6, 2007 — 1 Comment

Now that the site redesign is stable, we’ve added fresh content.

Alan Roxburgh’s post on the Missional Order Event is up on his blog, along with a new Roxburgh Journal Netcast where Alan “sounds the call” to the 40+ folk gathered. From his post,

Those who gathered at Seabeck shared stories of what drew us to this conversation. We were a mixed crowd – denomination leaders, ministers and a lot of us from more mundane vocations. We came from across a range of Protestant denominations and a wide set of regions. Like others across Canada and the US, what drew us is the sense something is terribly wrong with the church in North America and our need for companions on the way to nourish our lives and understand together what God is about in our time. I heard experiences of pain, dissonance, emptiness and disconnect in relation to the church life we’re experiencing just now. No one was railing against the church, blaming, deconstructing or setting up false dichotomies. A tension that came through consistently was a love for the church and, at the same time, pain over the disconnect we find there. For some, the tradition in which they were formed is incredibly important but there is a painful awareness that it has lost the habits and memory of its origination and formation. In our stories was a desire to engage again with rhythms and disciplines that once made these traditions sources of Gospel hope and witness.

We’ve also put a video of the event up as well.

There’s also another very good article from Sally Morgenthaler (who I look forward to meeting later today) on the site, After the Show is Over: The Rise of the Feminine in the Postmodern Turn,

Could it be that women have spent so long trying to climb the ladder inside old church and leadership systems that the very questions they’re asking about gender equality, opportunity, and power are stuck? Perhaps the real questions go more like this: what does it mean to seek biblical equality if the Church itself is no longer functioning in biblical ways? What does it mean for women to pursue the full use of their gifts in the Church if western Christianity has lost its missional purpose? What does it mean to hitch ones’ star to the Christian status quo, especially if that status quo is a narcissistic, capitalistic perversion of the Gospel? In summary, what does it really mean for a woman to be released into her potential, to be trusted with a ministry role, or to secure a salaried ministry position only to find that, for all her new-found freedom, authority, and seeming equality, she is only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

There’s more new content on the site, so please check it out.



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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Bill…The Abbess has it all linked up as well! It was good to listen to that last session again and what a great job on the video and everything else.

    If someone could just get that woman to sit on her hands ;^) …hehehe!

    And I will have to go back and read the rest of Sally’s story…wow do I resonate with the whole rearranging of deck chairs….

    Blessings to you, brother!


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