Go for a Soda – an Alltime Favourite

kinnon —  December 1, 2007 — 1 Comment

One of my favourite songs from the ’80’s. (And no, favourite is not spelled incorrectly you Shakespeare-hating yanks.) Even if the audio sync is a bit off, it’s worth watching. And remember, this was done in ’85 (the same year we opened our then simple post house) and the effects were rather cutting edge for the time.

Jonathan Brink’s Don’t Stop Believing post prompted this. And while you’re at Jonathan’s, visit this post of his too – ’tis very funny.



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One response to Go for a Soda – an Alltime Favourite

  1. Bill,

    I actually saw Kim Mitchell live in 85! I believe they played with Cheap Trick! Thanks for the blast from the past!



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