Merry Christmas

kinnon —  December 25, 2007 — 7 Comments

There was a time when the thought of waking up after 9am on Christmas morning seemed like an impossibility. But our two teens and a twenty-something are snuggled deep into their bed covers with no intentions of awaking to see the day. Imbi is reading something of good cheer and I’m typing this just as the coffee machine announces it’s completion.

Merry Christmas all. May the One who flung the stars into space and then stooped low to become one of us, be in your thoughts and conversations every minute of this day.



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7 responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Kinnon Family

  2. hehehe … the stockings, breakfast and gifts are now done … and the giggling has commenced in our house.

    God’s grace and peace to the Kinnon’s this day and everyday.

  3. Merry Christmas big guy. Goo to catch up in person earlier in the year. All the very best to you and your family…

  4. That’s funny ’cause we had to wake up our kids at 9 this morning. Then we thought we’d punish them for sleeping in by making them wait to open presents until after 10, when our friend arrived.
    Hope all the Kinnons had a wonderful Christmas, and many blessing for the new year. Give our love to your lovely wife!


  5. I was the child who always got up at the crack of dawn and died to wake everyone else up.

  6. Amen, Bill. Blessings to you and Imbi and all! I was the last one up at our home…and seem to be the last one to bed, as well! Hmmm, I sense a correlative theme ;^)

  7. Bill, Imbi! Christmas blessings! Having unmarried grown kids certainly changes the dynamics of holidays! Phyllis and I are endeavoring to learn new ways! Glad yours was a merry one!


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