Oh, and the Williams Pile-On, Too

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has been assailed in the Main Stream Media for telling the truth about the three kings who came to see Jesus in the manger with the cattle lowing, etc, etc. Rather than dealing with the Hallmark Card version of the scene, Williams decided to refer to Scripture (for which the MSM has such great love and knowledge, as we all know – that was sarcasm, in case you needed to be told.) ‘Twould seem the MSM are upset that their role as asses in the manger scene might be being cut out, I can only assume.

The iMonk nails the story (as usual), in this riff,


There is virtually nothing to work with in real history on these “wise men.” Whatever Matthew is telling us, there is no major secular history backing it up.
  The Bible never says they were Kings. That’s fiction. They are called wise men, whatever that means.
  The Bible never tells us where the “east” is. It could be Syria, Arabia or China. The word “orient” is never used.
  They studied astronomy and Old Testament prophecy (Numbers 24) enough to come to Israel….and go right to Herod looking for his son, apparently.
  The star is never identified in a way that matches us with any celestial phenomenon. A star that moves over a house is probably, for my money, an angel, not a heavenly body or astrological event.
  We have no idea how many magi there were other than the fact that there were at least two. The names assigned to them are fiction. The pictures of them on camels are legendary.
  We have no idea what they thought the gifts meant. IWe know they worshiped Jesus. In Matthew, most scholars assume the gifts honor Christ as king, priest and sacrifice.
  There’s more.

So go read it at Brother Spencer’s wee spot on the interweb.



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