Road Trip to the ‘Burgh

kinnon —  December 26, 2007 — 2 Comments

In a few moments, the Kinnons +1 will pile into the vehicle and begin the five hour journey to one of our favourite US cities. (A friend of mine sent his condolences when I said I was heading to the city of three rivers. He’s probably never been. Now that the steel mills are gone, it’s a very pretty town.)

Blogging will be sporadic for the next few days. I have just finished Viola and Barna’s pre-release copy of Pagan Christianity. I will write about this on the weekend. I can say that I would recommend you pre-order the book from Amazon. You can read the always interesting Brant Hansen’s take on the book before hand. (I’d agree with the Hanster, I can’t believe the book is being published either.)

I’ve got Consuming Jesus with me. If I can convince Imbi to drive, I will finish the book in the car and then finish my review of the book on the weekend. If you can’t wait for my review, read Triple D’s here. (For those not yet “in the know”, Triple D is Dr. Darryl Dash – my good friend, a Toronto pastor and the perfect example of a gracious blogger. Why he puts up with me is anyone’s guess. Perhaps I’m a project.) I would probably hold a very similar postion to Dx3 on the book.



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  1. Bill, I sense that the re-published Pagan Xnty is going to shake things up real good – a “95 theses” for our time. I blogged an extensive review on the first issue months ago – did Tyndale edit out all the exclamation points from Viola’s original manuscript? I hope so..

  2. Hey, I like Hamilton a lot, and it’s still got all it’s pollution-spewing factories fully functioning!

    I’m just not a Penguins fan. 🙂


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