Sunday Morning Weather Report

kinnon —  December 2, 2007 — 3 Comments

I’m off to catch a flight to Vancouver that is supposed to leave in a couple of hours. Toronto is being hit with its first winter storm and yet I’m heading out to the airport with the unrealistic expectation that my flight will leave. On time, no less. Odds are good, however, that I will be live blogging from Pearson Airport for a good chunk of the afternoon.

The joys of travel. Hope you are all having a relaxed Sunday.

UPDATE: Well, its 45 minutes before departure, the crew is on board and it looks like the cattle call for we passengers will begin shortly. Because of the weather, the flight is packed (due to earlier flight cancellations) and I’m praying for a small person in the seat beside me. Feel free to agree with me. πŸ™‚   In prayer, of course.

UPDATE 2: Got into Vancouver a little over an hour late. Snow on the ground here to. Am now watching dinner being made for me in a wonderful home in North Vancouver. Life is good. Even with the snow. Thanks for all the caring comments. πŸ™‚

Enjoy this, stolen shamelessly from Triple D


And yes, Toronto’s city government did once ask the Army to come in and bail us out. Of Snow. In Toronto. (People in Buffalo are still laughing about that one. But. They’re still in Buffalo. You tell me who gets the last laugh now.)



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3 responses to Sunday Morning Weather Report

  1. Oh, how we feel your pain! I’m on my second handkerchief now, wiping away tears.

  2. You mean you don’t want someon of Rickards stature sitting next to you? it’s always fun to see the face of the poor soul who is our isle mate as we approach;-)

  3. Hilarious! It’s snowing in Vancouver today too… what are the odds!


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