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DLE has written a post on boycotting TBN that has created quite a conversation at his blog.

I’ve also been following a conversation elsewhere on the Interweb that discusses the trials and tribulations of a Canadian wannabe TBN’r. I won’t bother linking to it – but someone there pointed out this video that just seems appropriate. (And I am a fan of the band after all, from the days of Selling England by the Pound. Their new album, Live Over Europe 2007 was playing out of my SE phone on the flight to Vancouver – and it’s playing on it now. Watch the video if you don’t know who I’m talking about…and even if you do.)



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5 responses to Teletubbyvangelists

  1. I’m totally a fan of this band; forgot about this song and this video! Ha! Good one!

  2. It’s kind of sad that Genesis had to call those morons out.

  3. A forgotten gem from the past! I love the Benny Hinn wigs. Sadly, the message is lost on those who most need to hear it.

  4. Wow … I totally love(d) Genesis, but had never heard this song before. I know … it was before my time 😉 lol.

  5. sonja…before your time, eh? ;^)

    Bill, I hadn’t seen that video in a long time…thanks for the visit…so sorry it is still relevant!


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