Toronto’s Worst Snowstorm in Thirty Years

kinnon —  December 16, 2007 — 2 Comments

Or so the Weather Network says this morning. Probably hyperbole but…

The snow is coming down dramatically accompanied by a few cacophonous claps of thunder. ‘Tis best to stay indoors.

The cell phone shot is out one of our kitchen windows. The roof in the distance is a church where we were once leaders in the late ’80’s into the mid-to-late ’90’s. Haven’t been in the building since ’97. It is featured in this video, however.




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2 responses to Toronto’s Worst Snowstorm in Thirty Years

  1. All I can hope for is that we get our own Wikipedia entry for this storm like we did for the 1999 one:
    link to

    What is life without goals?

  2. thanks for the link to that video. Good one.


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