Vancouver Weather Report – Day Three

kinnon —  December 4, 2007 — 4 Comments

Rain. With the chance of rain. And then…rain.

Momentary, tantalizing, rare glimpses of faded blue sky. Only to prepare one for more…rain.

Ahhh, the Pacific Northwest. At least the coffee is good out here.



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4 responses to Vancouver Weather Report – Day Three

  1. How else could it be so green here? Green… and a bit depressing, I admit. But that’s what we use our coffee for. We’re all addicted to it in the Pacific NW, so it gives us this nice, little, happy high. That compensates for the dreary weather.

  2. Bill,
    How’s it hanging?
    Did you read *Out of Print*?
    What did you think?

  3. Enjoyed my last coffee with you; enjoy our old home.


  4. Sarah,
    Hard to see the green with all the water in my eyes (and everywhere else).
    Thanks for asking – very busy. Your book is near the top of my must read pile.
    What!? Aren’t we having any more coffees? GRIN


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