Airlines Untied

kinnon —  January 21, 2008 — 1 Comment

Yesterday’s travel delays, in the end, cost us our ability to be at the screening of Purple State of Mind in Salt Lake City last night.

The final delay was actually comical. After waiting for an hour for the arrival of the one missing crew member, the packed flight made it to a point just before takeoff (before the final turn onto the takeoff runway) from Denver. We sat there for about twenty minutes. Then the pilot came on and rather sheepishly told us that they had loaded the wrong “cargo” onto the flight and they needed to return to the gate. Forty minutes later we once again taxied out to the runway and miraculously we were on our way.

Today we’ve begun the week with the Windrider Forum and it’s looking to be a busy but fun time here at Sundance in Park City, Utah. I’ll attempt to keep you up to date with our goings-on this week.



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  1. Hey Bill, we had the pleasure of seeing Purple State of Mind, and a Q & A of the two guys. It really was unsettling for me, and was on my mind for a long time. I still think about the things John had to say. I hope you and Imbe get to see it!


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