Barack Obama is not a Radical Muslim

kinnon —  January 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

One of my best friends sent me an email that is being circulated by (forgive me) stupid Christians. It’s the “Who is Barack Obama?” email. This piece of nonsense is of the same genre as the Proctor and Gamble satanist nonsense that many other (or perhaps the same) stupid Christians bought into years ago.

People, puhleeze! There are a number of places you can go on the net to check for urban myths. Snopes is one of them. Here is their response to the WiBO? smear. Read John Armstrong’s response.



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One response to Barack Obama is not a Radical Muslim

  1. i keep getting it too. mostly from my father in law. more than once. Even AFTER i sent him the snopes link. auuuggghhhh.

    it seems to me that if Obama were a muslim, his profession of Christianity would make him a pretty lousy Muslim. 🙂

    I almost made this very post myself – several times.


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