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kinnon —  January 19, 2008 — 2 Comments

Brother Maynard saves Saturdays for a list of killer links. Today’s list is no exception. If you’re short on reading material this would be a good place to start.

Me, well, I’m getting ready to jump on a big old jet airliner and head off with Imbi to Sundance with the folk from the Windrider Forum. It would appear that I may actually have to wear boots this winter. Park City, Utah is cold and snowy. What fun!



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2 responses to Brother Maynard Link-O-Rama

  1. Hey, it’s only six hours from boise to Salt Lake City, wanna meet in the middle for lunch or somethin’? Rickard says he’d drive to SLC to have a beer with the Kinnon’s, if Imbe and I can remember our Id’s that is.;-)

  2. Bill, Park City is one of the coolest little towns in the world. And at Sundance, it’s crazy.


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