Fitch on Building Missional Communities, PT II

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I must confess. Dave Fitch is one of my favourite people on the planet. He sounds a lot like Jack Nicholson, has a wonderful sense of humour (from his years living in Canada, I’m sure) and is one of the most astute leaders in the entire missional conversation.

And unlike a lot of loud voices in this conversation, he actually lives out what he speaks and writes about at Life on the Vine. (It’s also important to note that Dave managed to survive having the incomparable Dick Staub as his youth leader when he was a teenager. VBG)

Dave has written Part Two of On the Ones Who Would Go and Seed Missional Communities. An excerpt:

In my opinion it takes at least 5 years of "seeding a community" before one even begins to see an ethos of community and new life develop that can be a cultural carrier-transmitter of the gospel. As a result, the new missional community leaders must have patience, steady faithfulness and the ability to live simply. They must be able to get jobs and not see the ministry as a privileged full time vocation. They must have a mental image of how they are going to sustain their lives financially, relationally, spiritually and personally. It all must take the shape of a sustainable rhythm. In my experience, these kinds of leaders are often found among the young and disenchanted evangelicals. I have learned they merely need a vision and a support network and they are willing to sacrifice in ways my generation never would.

Please read his entire post.



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