Leaving New York

kinnon —  January 16, 2008 — 3 Comments

After finishing the business we came down to do, Imbi and I wandered down to Times Square last night with our HDV camera. It was cold, but we got some great footage (I hope). We got up this morning to a sunny cold New York morning. We walked up to Columbus Circle and then meandered through the top end of Central Park. (Again, I shot more stock footage.)

As soon as I finish typing this, Imbi and I will load up the vehicle and begin the eight hour journey back to Toronto. It’s been a good time here.



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3 responses to Leaving New York

  1. Eight hours? Do you drive over the lake or something? 😉

  2. How about we left Manhattan @ 2:50pm and drove into our parking lot @ 11:37. We stopped twice for gas and had dinner in Watertown, NY. Cruise was set at 74mph in the US and 114kmh in Canada.

  3. Our family stretches things out. We’ve never met a rest stop we didn’t like!

    My role: “You can wait one more hour!” I’m usually outvoted.


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