Leaving Sundance

kinnon —  January 27, 2008 — 1 Comment

It’s been a week that will require a lot of unpacking. (Lack of Wi-Fi where we were staying prevented me from posting during the week.) Right now, Imbi and I are busy packing to leave Park City, Utah at noon today.

We’ve seen films that have disturbed us – and films that have left us cheering. Last night, some of that cheering was around the film Heather Rae produced called Frozen River. It won the grand jury prize for best U.S. dramatic picture @ Sundance on the same night that Heather received the Spirit of Windrider Award while being with us. (She and her team went off to the Awards Ceremony – not knowing how they would do. Craig Detweiler announced the awards at the end of our Windrider Evening.)

This week has also been a time where Imbi and I have developed new friends. Ed and John Priddy (the brothers of Allelon’s Mark Priddy) who we knew only casually before Windrider have become people we have deep love and respect for – both as brothers in the faith and as producers of high-quality feature length documentaries – & co-founders of the Windrider Forum with Craig Detweiler and Will Stoller-Lee.

Last night, we watched To Die in Jerusalem (an HBO film, Priddy Brothers Films produced) and then shot a two-camera interview lead by Dick Staub with the director, Hilla Medalia and the Priddy Brothers. An edited version of that interview will be up in the next couple of months at the To Die in Jerusalem website.

And speaking of Dick, we’ve had a blast with this big teddy-bear of brilliance. Dick has done a Kindlings Muse podcast every day from the Windrider Forum location (at the Mountain Vineyard) with his engineer Carlo. He’s also been a source of high-energy and fun – with an unsurpassed wit that has kept us laughing. We nicknamed Dick, “Dad”, as he was the one who picked us up in the mornings and dropped us off in the evenings. (Dick is only eight years older than me.)

What were the Sundance films major themes? Racism, immigration and alienation. For those of us engaged in the missional conversation, there is much to come to terms with – especially around the Luke 10 passage. How do we accept hospitality from the other as represented by characters in the movies Choke, The Visitor or even Frozen River?

I’ll attempt to write more on this in the coming week.



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  1. It’s great to hear about your time with Dick–he’s one of our favorite people!


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