McLaren Observed

kinnon —  January 29, 2008 — 1 Comment

A good conversation with Brian McLaren in the Charlotte Observer. [via Mike Todd]

And, if you missed them, check out the interview videos I produced with Alan Roxburgh in conversation with Brian.



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One response to McLaren Observed

  1. Bill, as someone who is very connected to McLaren, would you consider him one of the great men of God in our generation?

    Also, if you had to briefly summarize what his ministry is all about and how you believe God is using him, what would you say?

    I’m curious about that, as I read many different reports on this man McLaren.

    Can you point me to material, either a book of his or someone associated to his ministry, where I might read about how God is using him to bring others into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ?

    Thanks, I’d appreciate that.


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