Must be the Holiday Season

kinnon —  January 3, 2008 — 7 Comments

I’ve been hit with a flu bug. I feel like c__p. Which actually leads me to ask the question, what does “sick as a dog” actually mean. Is that like “slept like a baby”? Which to me should mean, up every two hours wanting to be changed or fed or both. The bug is obviously affecting my cognitive abilities.



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7 responses to Must be the Holiday Season

  1. Add ‘eat like a bird’ to your list of oxymoronic proverbs.

    And hey, if you f__l like c__p, go ah__d and say so.

  2. OMG! I j_st realize that if you fill in the blanks in your original post, that change would be consonant with your vowel movements.

    Oooh … your bug is obviously tooo affecting of my cognitive abilities, too, Bill.

    So … get well quick, Bill, lest the c__p fill up your c_p, in which case you would have to c_p a plea for why you feel so c__ppy.

  3. I knew something was wrong. Knew it all along and here it is causing you to drop vowels. This is a dread disease ind__d. Imbi must get you to a doctor t__t sw__t. Don’t wo__y, we’ll hide our eyes.

  4. waiting to be changed? I have visuals right now that I don’t know what to do with…


  5. As we’d say in the ‘burgh, yins are cracking me up. Of course, you all need h__p, as well.

    Am feeling a little better. What’s the line about a merry heart as good medicine. Of course the multiple Tylenols haven’t hurt either.

  6. hey … i thought we wuz all h_I_p already, doctor bill …

  7. Hi Bill, whats happening to the Pagan Christianity review? Been looking here for days now:-)


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