Sad Notes from Kenya

kinnon —  January 30, 2008 — 3 Comments

Via my friend, Soul Pastor.

UPDATE: Gerry (Soul Pastor) has advised us in the comments that Soul Sanctuary (the church where he works) is making it possible to support their ministry friends in Kenya. Here are the instructions:

If you would like to help financially you can by sending a check payable to Soul Sanctuary and mail it to:
Soul Sanctuary
187 Henlow Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 1G4
Mark on the check KENYA
Or you can use PayPal on our website
If you use PayPal, please email me ([email protected]) with the amount so that our accountant will add the amount for aid in Kenya.
ALL DONATIONS OVER $5 will be issued a tax reciept.



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3 responses to Sad Notes from Kenya

  1. I cannot even get past the photo … it breaks my heart.

  2. Bill

    Thanks for the Link! It all helps. We talked to ***** today and they would welcome any help, financially, to help with the hungry and also those close to them that lost all their possessions. I have been asked to put an appeal out for them so…I have place a new post and details for helping financially on the blog.
    Thanks again. SP

  3. Latest update added
    January 31/08


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