Sunday has been Delayed + Robbymac on PC

kinnon —  January 20, 2008 — 1 Comment

At least that’s the way it feels for Imbi and I today. In Toronto, our 10:00am flight didn’t get out of the gate ’til 11:20am. Somebody forgot to keep the plane warm over night and it had frozen up. Lovely.

This wasn’t that big a deal. We had a three hour layover in Denver – the delay cut it to under two. At least for the first hour we were here, anyway. As I walked to the gate I discovered our flight to Salt Lake City had also been delayed by an hour – so we get to enjoy Denver International Airport’s free Wi-Fi for a little longer. Of course, nothing is truly free. You’re forced to watch a commercial before you get access – and page loads are constantly plagued by upper third ads. I think I’d rather pay T-mobile. (Of course, I’m traveling with the much wiser Imbi, so free it is.)

For whatever reason, the ads also stop Google Reader from opening – so I can’t catch up with the folk I want to read today. But really, I’m not whinging (or whining for some of you.) Imbi and I love to travel and we are used to being delayed with the in exact science of flying.

And. The Wi-Fi is virtually free. Sort of.

UPDATE: Turns out GR works in Safari (even if it kind of jumps around) which is a good thing, ‘cuz I just got to read Robbymac’s response to Pagan Christianity – one might see it as a antithesis to Brant Hansen’s thesis review. They are both very funny. There’s much truth in a synthesis of the two of them. (In my not so humble dialectical approach.)



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