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kinnon —  January 24, 2008 — 2 Comments


One of the treats for Imbi and I here at Sundance has been hanging out with Dick Staub part of the time. (We were even flat mates for a few nights.) I’ve wanted to read Dick’s latest book “The Culturally Savvy Christian for a while now and it’s great to spend time with him here.

Dick has been busy creating podcasts of the Windrider Forum events that I’d suggest you check out. The Geoff Haley podcast with Craig Detweiler is particularly good. Geoff is the director of the new Wes Bentley / Winona Ryder / Ray Romano movie, The Last Word.



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2 responses to The Kindlings Muse, Himself

  1. Dude … make sure you say hello to my former youth pastor as a kid … Dick Staub. Blessings on your trip …

  2. We’d already talked about you. How about that!


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