The Man from Microclesia does a PC Weigh-In

kinnon —  January 12, 2008 — Leave a comment

John La Grou is one of those bloggers (@ Microclesia) who doesn’t blog often, but when he does, he’s always worth reading. John comments on the PC Firestorm created by Viola and Barna’s book. John reviewed the original Viola book last year. I think he’s more appreciate of Frank’s writing than I am. John says,

…many of the issues Viola presents are key to a healthy ecclesia and that there’s plenty of room for critique of the Western Church. Despite its shortcomings, I do think PC will, over time, have an enormous and positive impact on the Church.

Please read John’s entire post.

If you’ve forgotten, John was also the co-editor (with Len Hjalmarson) of Voices of the Virtual World. John’s blog is a worthy addition to your RSS reader.



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