A Further Thought on McChurch via Triple D

kinnon —  February 7, 2008 — 1 Comment

I’m about to head out for a coffee with Dan McDonald, one of my favourite local pastors. I’m sure McChurch will be a topic covered in the ADD-inspired conversation. Triple D isn’t joining us for this coffee, but he’s dedicated a post to me at his Vox blog (how many blogs does one man need, Darryl) where he quotes Hauerwas and Willimon.

…our church lives in a buyer’s market. The customer is king. What the customer wants, the customer should get. Pastors with half a notion of the gospel who get caught up in this web of buying and selling in a self-fulfillment economy one day wake up and hate themselves for it. We will lose some of our (potentially) best pastors to an early grave of cynicism and self-hate. What a pastor needs is a means of keeping at it, a perspective that enables the pastor to understand his or her ministry as nothing less than the participation in the story of God. [emphasis here added by D3]

(Turns out the post is cross-posted @ Dashhouse.)



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  1. Wish that Dash guy would pick one blog and stick with it! 😉

    Hope you guys had a good coffee. Ignore the cross-posting/aggregating.


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