America’s True Religion

kinnon —  February 9, 2008 — 2 Comments

One that the North American church seems to well practice – Consumerism – from Anthony B. Robinson in the Seattle PI.


In case you’ve been wondering what to do with your life, John Boehner has the answer.
  House Minority Leader Boehner, a Republican congressman from Ohio, celebrated the recent passage of the economic stimulus package by saying, "The sooner we get this relief in the hands of the American people, the sooner they can begin to do their job of being good consumers." Your title: "consumer;" your mission: "buy stuff." Echoes of the president’s call, amid the crisis of 9/11, to get out and "shop."
  The distance between "citizen" and "consumer" is the distance we have traveled. Where "citizen" has a certain dignity, even gravitas, carrying with it notions of responsibility and capacity for decision, "consumer" conjures something far more passive, lacking either dignity or responsibility, save responsibility to one’s self and for getting the best deal.
  Yet "consumer" has steadily infiltrated our language and become our self-designation and default definition of what it means to be a person.
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Once I was a homo sapien, now I am a homo consumeris. Defined by the diamonds on the soles of my shoes.

UPDATE: Read Nathan Gann’s good rant on this topic.



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2 responses to America’s True Religion

  1. This rhetoric is very Republican in that it only sees people as consumers, and forgets that they are workers as well. Promoting the agenda of the right has to entail communicating this limited definition of being American. (I’m an ‘independent’ and can see serious flaws with both parties, and good insights in both).

  2. Sarah,
    Possibly because I can be as thick as a brick, but I don’t see how this is “Republican rhetoric.” The reality is that most workers are as consumed by consumption as anyone else. And, to the rest of the world – there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats in terms of consumption.


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