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kinnon —  February 27, 2008 — 2 Comments


One of the treats for Imbi and I whilst at Sundance was meeting (and in fact sharing a flat for a few nights, as well as being driven around for the entire week) by Dick Staub.

Erika Haub noted that Dick’s recent interview in the God and Hollywood story by PBS was up. Make a point of watching it. I would have liked more of Dick in the story. But, then again, I can get my fix here.

PBS reporter, Kim Lauton’s full interview with Dick is available here as text.



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2 responses to Dick Staub on PBS

  1. See you Friday morning!

  2. Thanks for the video link, several interesting perspectives on movie making. Staub is right that it takes good money to make good movies that in turn make money. The reality is that so many of the films directed towards Christians are simply poorly made, including less than stellar acting. As mentioned, the Narnia series may be one of the few exceptions.

    On another note, I have enjoyed the Kindlings audios over the past year or so. What a wonderful bunch of interviews.


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