Fun with Anglicans

kinnon —  February 8, 2008 — 5 Comments

The Archbishop of Canterbury endorses Sharia.

The Bishop of Durham (Tom W. to his friends) says no to Heaven.

TEC, scrambling to find a position, wonders if “sharia is heavenly?”



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5 responses to Fun with Anglicans

  1. Wright was right on

  2. The Wright piece is outstanding.

  3. I bet ++Williams wishes he’d been talking about Heaven rather than Sharia law. +Wright is brilliant as usual. The equally brilliant ++Williams puts his foot in it again…as seems to be usual. I think he’s a very good man who is way too smart for his own good.

    Now if only TEC would step up to the plate. I could use a good laugh.

  4. Just got the Bishop’s new book at Crux. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. I’m so confused…


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