Grabbing a Coffee, Riding the Subway, Making it Work

kinnon —  February 29, 2008 — 2 Comments

Imbi and I are heading out shortly for a coffee with Mark Peterson – and looking forward to catching up with this globe-trotting charitable foundation leader.

It’s been a busy week at MKPL and though I always have lots to say, most of my speaking and thinking has been to do with the clients I’m working with – rather than pontificating here @ this little corner of the interwebs.

After our coffee, I’m grabbing the subway and heading down to the Eaton Centre with Rylan. He’s hoping to pick up one of the new Mac laptops (not the Air) for school. New toy endorphins. Can’t wait. (Although he needs to check that they have stock before we spend the $5.50 each on Subway fares.)

I’ll be back in the afternoon to do more work, respond to some comments here @ a.e as promised and possibly finish a post called “Why I Blog”. (Which right now probably should be, “Why I Occassionally Blog”).

As I type this, Final Cut Pro is loading footage in the background from Al Roxburgh and Pernell Goodyear’s presentation at the TrueCity event in Hamilton. I’ll be editing that down to a short piece this weekend – and it will be up at Allelon on Monday. Al and Pernell are great together (and are a little too much fun when we all hang out together.)

Back in a bit.



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2 responses to Grabbing a Coffee, Riding the Subway, Making it Work

  1. Great to enjoy coffee with you and Imbi… thanks! Wonderful to be back on the Danforth again – like old times!!

  2. Mark,
    We look forward to enjoying the Danforth together with you again in the spring – sitting out on one of the many open air patios for a great meal.


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