Hamo does a CEO Rant

kinnon —  February 13, 2008 — 10 Comments

Rant on, brother.

Was Jesus really the CEO of his followers?…

Was Paul the CEO of the early church?…

Were there any CEOs in scripture at all?…

Chief executive officer… Chief executive officer… Chief executive officer… say it out loud and hear how dumb it sounds when placed alongside ‘body of Christ’… ‘priesthood of all believers’… ‘the family of faith’ Is the person leading a church really supposed to be a CEO?…

What’s frightening is that in so many places we have stopped questioning this form and accepted it as normal in a 21st century western church. Its now considered one ‘valid’ expression of leadership, if not the dominant form.

I don’t believe it is. I don’t believe the CEO has any place in the ‘family’ of God. When was the last time your family appointed a CEO to keep it on track? Where does a ‘chief executive officer’ fit into a family? Find me one metaphor or description of the church as business/corporation anywhere in the Bible and I will walk naked up the aisle of your church this Sunday with an annual report in my bumcrack.

Ok, I’m a bit mad again.

Read the whole thing, please.

UPDATE: Len Hjalmarson also points to this post from Ian Mobsby – from this past December. And my What Lens? post from two years ago might also be worth a read.



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10 responses to Hamo does a CEO Rant

  1. All of these posts on CEOs bring to mind 1 Samuel 8 when Israel goes to Samuel and asks for a King “…such as all the other nations have.” The Lord tells Samuel they are not rejecting him (Samuel), but it is the Lord they are rejecting as their king. The Lord then tells Samuel to warn Israel of what the king will do to them. It is an amazing passage to read. It has a list of horrors in it of what the King will do. But Israel doesn’t care, responding, “No! We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other nations…” (1 Samuel 8:19-20). So Saul was sent to them….

    Because of this passage of scripture, it shouldn’t surprises me that so many Christians are still crying “Give us a King!” So many want a CEO because they want to “be like all the other nations.” It is comfortable. It is familiar. But I cannot see that it is biblical.

    As a former pastor who had to step away from a paid “ministry” position due largely to the above revelation of seeing that the current system of most churches is not biblical in nature, I know how costly it can be to not go with the flow on the topic of CEOs. No matter. Keep speaking out, Bill! Those who have ears to hear, will hear: Jesus really is able to be the head of His church!


  2. Not too long ago I came across an interview with Andy Stanley where he stated that if Jesus came today, CEO would be his chief metaphor and NOT shepherd. There were CEOs in Jesus’s day, Andy. He still chose shepherd.

  3. Does Hamo know how big our annual report is? 😉

  4. Elle,
    I referred to the 1 Samuel 8 passage here a number of times in the three years of this blog’s existence. I think you’re bang on. I’m reminded of my friend, Chris Falson’s song, We Need a King – which says the King we need “goes by the name of Jesus.”

    I think Andy’s a good guy – but he’s way off base with that comment. It’s amazing what we can create from whole cloth to justify how we operate.

    The day you start acting like a CEO is the day I join Hamo in his clothless walk.

  5. Daryl,
    I’m new to this blog, so I’m afraid I’ve missed those great references you’ve made in the past. I’ll go hunting for them this weekend to catch up!

    I’ll check out your blog then as well.


  6. Ian Mobsby (MOOT) made a post along these lines late in December..
    link to ian-mobsby.blogspot.com

  7. Elle,
    Here’s a link to my What Lens? post from two years ago that is in line with this topic and references 1 Samuel 8. Thanks for reading and commenting here. Oh. And my name’s Bill. Darryl is one of my favourite bloggers, however.

  8. Len,
    I’ve updated the body of the post with a link to Ian’s post – and also put a link to my What Lens post in the body as well.

  9. Sorry, Bill, for thinking you were Daryl! I see my error now. I just read the post you referred to–wow! I’m going to be sending that link to a number of friends, powerful stuff.

    Bill, have you ever read David Fitzpatrick’s book called “Issues of the Heart/Let My People Go?” It’s a powerful little book, the last half of which deals with this issue, along with a few other topics. The book was written in 1992 and I don’t think you can buy a copy anywhere. I’ll be quoting from it this weekend on my blog, but if you want to read the whole thing I’m happy to send you a copy of it…I think I have an extra copy of it stashed in my bookshelves somewhere (might be marked up, but, hey, for free….!) I think you’ll find it a great read on this topic. I re-read it every 3-4 years.

    Feel free to email me if you want the book. Lord knows you’ve blessed me on this blog enough to warrant at least this much :).

    Thanks for your voice,

  10. Elle,
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’d love to read the book. I’ll drop you an email. Thanks for the generous offer.


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