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kinnon —  February 8, 2008 — Leave a comment

Cynthia La Grou (wife and business partner of Microclesia’s John La Grou) has launched a new blog worth reading, Emerse. From today’s post on The Changing Face of Missions,

Missions typically taken on by the church are now being pursued by social entrepreneurs and the corporate world, who view their social missions as both spiritual and evangelistic in purpose. Sincerely concerned about issues such as extreme poverty, AIDS, environmental and cultural preservation, they model compassion and responsibility.

The church, now employing modern business models to build mega organizations, may not even be aware that this phenomenon is occurring. One day it may awake to find itself superseded missionally by the social enterprise and business sector, which are on many fronts starting to merge. However, this might not be a bad thing. World needs are far greater than the combined global church can address. I believe that God has heard the cry of the poor, the suffering, the broken hearted, the dying, the fatherless, and He is calling “whoever will” to become involved – the more innovative, the more radical, the more productive – the better. A strong sense of urgency is becoming globally pervasive.

Organizations of all types are increasingly recognizing the church as a pivotal partner in humanitarian and social justice efforts. Local churches have intimate knowledge of the needs within their various communities. All efforts are needed in consort – bridges must be built to work together – each has strengths to be acknowledged by the other. To achieve this, the church must act in humility rather than it’s historically exclusive attitude. Bridges must be built and crossed over by Christians in all channels of culture. That bridge is not going to be built by the secular world or the self-sufficient marketplace. The emerging, decentralized, virtually-leveled landscape is the window of opportunity do this.



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