One Man’s Mission

kinnon —  February 12, 2008 — 2 Comments

Brant Hansen has written what I would call his best post ever – and that’s saying something.

Brant tells the story of Kumar, an unsung hero (with numerous advanced degrees) who was radically converted to Christ in India, rejected by his family and village, moved to America with no desire to return “home” and ended up using his vacation time from Sun (where he works) to return and simply share his faith in a manner that seems oddly Luke 10 like.

He’s seen more than 100,000 people come to Christ, 139 communities begun and much, much more – with both joy and sorrow. And all of this with next to no support from the megachurch he attends in the DC area. Read Brant’s post – and see if tears don’t well up.

One of the things I love about this post is the power of the faithfulness of one man. Yes, Kumar is obviously a very smart man (as his degrees would attest to), but it’s the simplicity of his approach and his recognition of the faithfulness of God in what he’s doing as well as his unwillingness to create Kumar Ministries that is refreshing. I would suggest that Kumar lives out a high view of the Holy Spirit.



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2 responses to One Man’s Mission

  1. Thanks for appreciating this guy’s story, Bill. I wish you were sitting at the table with us.

    This guy taught me a lot about leadership without using the word.

    When discussing the pastors who’ve been killed, Kumar said he would be serving them in heaven.

  2. Brant,
    I wish I’d been there too. Would that there were more real Christian leaders like Kumar. I wonder if the “pastor” of the church that Kumar attends, has any idea who is sitting in his congregation.


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