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kinnon —  February 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Via Richard Florida again, Steve Weber on Toxic Hollywood

The drug is Fame. While it is never fully acknowledged as having any ill effects, the hunger for Fame has reached epidemic levels and has replaced art, education, politics, medicine and civil service as an acceptable career objective for today’s youth. Because once under its spell, the pursuit of Fame can become an obsession on the order of chasing the dragon, making one all too willing to sacrifice anything in order to obtain its fleeting and instantly addictive high. More intoxicating than nicotine, cocaine, heroin and alcohol and virtually inseparable from Power (making it the ultimate aphrodisiac by any other name), Fame has been the elusive phantom nudging the vulnerable headlong from common sense into utter insensibility. Fame can warp the perception of the person swept up in the eye of the vortex, and its whirling force impacts even those loitering at its edges. It bends the air and light, a cracked prism through which reality is projected onto our screens and into our lives.

Seems to fit with this post of mine from very early this morning.



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