Viral Barack

kinnon —  February 3, 2008 — 5 Comments

Methinks Hils, Romney and McCain will have nothing similar.
More info about the song and a larger version here.
I first saw this on Jeff Jarvis’ blog – and then on Mike Todd’s.
Showed it to Rylan & Kaili who both said Barack has the youth
vote locked in now. Perhaps they are right.
It’s been viewed more than 200,000X in 24hrs.
But for those of us a little more cynical, this.
UPDATE: Read Jeff Jarvis here. And I need to note
that I am not immune to hype and desperately want
“Obama as Kennedy” to be true (without Kennedy’s
health and adulterous issues, of course.)



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5 responses to Viral Barack

  1. I loved the Barack Video but the Change one was hilarious. Are you putting yourself in “us” category?

  2. I’m probably a noxious combination of cynical “us” and faithless “hope”.

  3. I wish that he was as fabulous as he seems, but I just don’t. I think he looks good and can give great speaches. The reality is, he hasn’t done much while in the Senate.

  4. Dude, Jeff Jarvis linked to YOU! That’s bigtime. I am so freakin’ jealous right now.


    Go Obama!

  5. Steve, nuthin’ to be jealous of at all.


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