Who Did This?

kinnon —  February 13, 2008 — 11 Comments

Almost too painful too watch. But a clear indication of the past tense of the Hilary campaign.

Hilary4U&Me. Not.



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11 responses to Who Did This?

  1. That makes me want to curse … what a horror show!

  2. I think it was secretly done by the Obamettes! <8-}>

  3. Do you visit FARK? I saw this earlier today on that site and honestly I couldn’t watch more than 25 seconds of this. I never really thought of voting for her, but I surely wouldn’t now.

  4. HAHAHAHA … no the Obamettes would have been smart enough to come up with more than one verse! They certainly would not have bored their listeners to DEATH!!!!

  5. I just love the “fact” that Hils is gonna bring back democracy. Now THAT’s funny!

  6. “Hillary for you and me, bring back our democracy?” Great I am going to be singing this the rest of the day – well maybe not. Now I know we need to make some changes but “bring back our democracy?” I didn’t know it had left.

  7. Bill,

    You cannot be serious. This could not have been done by the Clintons or their friends. They cannot be this out of touch.


  8. I thought Up With People was gone.

  9. Dan,
    Whoever did this – it doesn’t benefit Hilary4U&Me.

    I think this may be more “Up Yours People”. πŸ™‚
    (Bad Bill. Very Bad Bill.)

  10. Yep, I’m decided now, that seals the deal, I’m voting for the ever hip Hillary (4u&me), and on Sunday I’m going to the Crystal Cathedral NOT!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. HILL…arious!


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