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kinnon —  March 14, 2008 — 1 Comment

It’s rather early here on a Friday morning in Toronto. I’m taking the opportunity to do some blog reading before getting back into serious work for the on-going project I’m up to my ears in.

FuturistGuy, Brad Sargent has an honest, transparent and encouraging article on Recovery from Spiritual Abuse, Part 1.

Kuyperian bookstore owner, Byron Borger (Byron’s Kuyperian, not the bookstore – it is early in the morning) posts, Why we are open to the Emergent Conversation, My Journey and Books along the way. ‘Tis a great story whose characters include Tim Keller, Brian McLaren, Bob Goudzwaard, Herman Dooyeweerd, Francis Shaeffer, Os Guinness, Len Sweet and even Bruce Cockburn. (Some may find it a little long as a blog post. Just read it as an article, then.)

Triple D riffs on Richard Florida & Tim Keller while contemplating A Gospel Movement in Toronto.

The "parallel universe" conversation continues on the post below, re Hillsong Theology?

UPDATE: John H. Armstrong has a very good post this morning on, oddly enough, Emergent Church Models. I do wish both Byron and John would use "emerging" rather than "emergent" – as Emergent has rather become a brand name for the Tony Jones-led Emergent Village.



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