Challies likes Global Warming

kinnon —  March 15, 2008 — 3 Comments

Reporting from the Ligonier Conference in Florida (which I always find odd since Ligonier is in the mountains of Pennsylvania), Tim Challies says this about the weather,

For those who come from northern states or provinces, it certainly doesn’t hurt any that the weather in Florida this time of year is just beautiful and a full seventy or eighty degrees higher than what we’re experiencing at home.

Good grief. His home is within twenty miles of mine. Today’s forecast is 41ºF. Which means Florida temps are between 111 and 121ºF. Normal for this time of year is around 75. And Challies thinks this is good!?

OK. I’m having a little fun at Tim’s expense. He, like our mutual friend Triple D, is a product of the Canadian conversion from the Imperial System to Metric. They think in centimeters and degrees centigrade. Fahrenheit (German for “the proper way to measure temperature”), a far superior system, confuses these people. (It certainly makes sense that water boils at 212ºF – rather than only 100ºC. And that it freezes at 32ºF, rather than the ridiculously cold 0ºC. And, anyway, wasn’t it the French who gave us the metric system. Need I say more.) Unfortunately, only the US, Liberia and Myanmar are smart enough to still keep using the Imperial system.



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3 responses to Challies likes Global Warming

  1. You’re wrong! I think in inches for measurement, except for snow and rain. I think in pounds, not kilograms. I think in kilometers and think miles and mph are just silly. I can’t tell you what a gallon is. And I’m Celsius all the way baby. In other words, they switched horses when I was in grade 3 or so and I’ve been messed up ever since.

  2. Hey now Bill. I’m French on my mother’s great-grand mother’s uncle’s side twice removed so watch it. 😉

  3. Hey, if the Fahrenheit system is so much better than the Imperial System, why are only three countries using it still?!!?

    Just wondering! Anyways, love you blog, keep up the great work.

    A proud, yet “confused”, Canadian!!


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