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kinnon —  March 26, 2008 — 1 Comment

This weeks conversations around the book makes it feel a little like a time warp back to last September when Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change came out. I commented then on some of the controversy around it – as well as producing a three part video interview with Brian and Al Roxburgh available here.

After TSK’s post yesterday, David Fitch weighs in,

I think this book stands as a wonderful statement of some of the central strengths of the emerging church movement. The sentiments of this book are what draw me into the emerging conversation in the first place and why I try to participate. I have great hopes for the future of this movement. Yet this book also reveals to me some of the issues that remain to be addressed if (in my opinion) the emerging church movement is to have legs. These questions center on asking just how will everything be changed? Most of us resonate with the many critiques of the evangelical church emanating from the emerging church movement and its writers. But any constructive movement must have proposals for the way we embody the coming revolution (“the revolution of hope” as Brian labels it). In my next post I post two questions for Brian centering on the question – Should it be EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE or EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED (with the empty tomb and the exaltation of Jesus Christ as Lord). I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of this post.

I look forward to Dave’s next post.



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  1. I enjoy your blog and though I hardly comment, I read often…



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