He is Risen!

kinnon —  March 23, 2008 — 5 Comments

He is Risen, Indeed!


This is a shot taken about 30 minutes outside of Nairobi on our way back from Magadi – the lowest point in the Rift Valley, in the heart of Maasi Land. (See the previous post.) This is one of my favourite of Imbi’s many great shots.

And for me, it embodies the beauty of the world where He has risen!



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5 responses to He is Risen!

  1. indeed.

    Have a blessed Easter


  2. You too, Dan!

  3. Beautiful! Happy Easter to you and Imbi!

  4. May the victory of the resurrection of our Lord strengthen you today!

  5. I’ve actually been there. It’s a breath-taking landscape and the Maasi people are my favorite people group on planet earth. We were on our way from Nairobi to Narok where we were working with a local Maasi pastor named Daniel Santito.


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