I Once was a Blogger

kinnon —  March 11, 2008 — 3 Comments

Or. At least. A regular blogger.

I like to think that I have lots to say. And those of you who regularly stop by have experienced that. But, of late, there’s been little cranial activity happening around the things that regularly appear at this small corner of blogdom. I have been writing. Just not for this blog. And, unless you’re in the technology end of the TV business, you’ll really not be interested in what my pen has scratched out, on hundreds of pages of lined paper. (A lot of it line drawing.)

That’s one of the more interesting things for me. I’ve begun to use pad and paper again. Where I once carried a PDA, I now carry a Moleskine. (I do regret the number of little burrowing creatures who must give up their pelts for the purpose of my writing.) Where I once exclusively used the computer screen to create – I’m now taking pen in hand. And actually enjoying it. (Read Joe Thorn’s post on how he uses his Moleskin. He’s way more organized than I am. His even has an index. Good grief. Good idea.) And Kaili has helped me become addicted to these Uni-Ball pens. (After I borrowed one from her for an extended period.)

I still can’t read my handwriting a day later – so, I mostly print. But. When it comes to script writing, I’m actually doing a form of story-boarding by hand – for the first time in 15 or 20 years. And when an idea grabs me, I grab a pen and the Moleskin and chicken-scratch away.

Perhaps some of those ideas will end up here. Or not.

BTW. I won’t be back to blogging wholeheartedly until early April as the project I’m working on has me going night and day until the 31st at the very least.



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3 responses to I Once was a Blogger

  1. Well … two things …

    If you’re going to be trendy, you must do so properly. It’s Moleskine (long i, with a silent e on the end) … no burrowing creatures that I know of gave up any pelts to grant you a book of pages. [Bill: That’s what they want to convince you of, anyway.] The book itself is a wonderful boon … and I can’t imagine life without it. Now you must get a set of colored uniballs … they are ever so much fun. [Bill: I’m using red, blue and black so far. And loving it. Now if I could just read my writing. Me loves me uniballs and moleskeen, eh!]

    And there are many, many things which just cannot be given full justice on a digital screen. I’ve never given myself over to it fully and still do a lot of thinking and creating on paper. Some of it writing and some designing. But somethings just havta happen with a pen(cil) in my hand. I’ve taken up teaching drawing to my daughter and one of her friends … that is becoming one of my favorite times of the week. To sit with fresh paper and drawing implements. Wonderful.

  2. LOL… now I’m going to carry a picture of you clutching a molskeen and uniballs to your chest and chortling with glee with the tiniest of crazy glints in your eye.

    Never try to separate a man from his moleskeen … I b’lieve you’ve come up with a new spelling!

  3. Once a blogger, always a blogger. It isn’t the activity, it is the mindset. When you have something to say, you’ll say it. And we your loyal subjects, will be waiting, expectantly, for the next outbreak of articulate passion.
    Peace and good work, my friend.


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