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kinnon —  March 6, 2008 — 2 Comments

John Frye on John Piper on Jacobus Arminius’ disciples and why they shouldn’t be allowed to lead and teach amongst John Calvin’s faithful. (Apparently, Brother Piper found this became increasingly clear in his 22 years of formal education from age 6 to 28. I consider myself fortune that prevenient grace wooed a wretch like me at 26 years old. I’m still awaiting clarity.)

To be charitable, I should note that Piper does feel it’s okay for Arminians to teach… in their own institutions. Thank goodness for that, eh! Imagine if only Calvinists were allowed to teach in the Christian Higher Education Dens of Free Will. (Oh. Wait. That’s exactly what a lot of the brethren do imagine.)

Michael iMonkius points to Matt Adair’s post, I Don’t Understand John MacArthur. (Who does?) In the right context, I’d probably spend some time talking about this. (I’m especially fond of the 2nd comment on Matt’s post from "george".)

UPDATE: Amusing iMonk line from a later BHT post of his on the contextless Johnny Mac:

It’s like fish preaching against water.



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  1. Bill,

    I am predestined to tell you that you need to change the pic in the right hand corner of your blog page, since you have new, emergingly cool, biblically balanced, contextually relevant glasses.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I’m ugly enough as it is.


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