Some Transactional Analysis…for the Western Church

kinnon —  March 6, 2008 — Leave a comment

Dave Fitch posts on the 2nd Part of the Bridge Illustration,

What’s wrong with the Bridge’s “transaction” approach? It has the effect of initiating the unbeliever into a salvation “for me” in the worst sense of those words. For in a consumerist society, the words “for me” can longer mean what they meant when Paul spoke them or Luther spoke them. Consumerist society has trained all of us to think, feel and breathe all things as products to be consumed for certain benefits. Jesus, Son of God, very God, has been reduced to what an object to be used for some benefit. At this point this simply is no longer a salvation recognizable by Paul, Luther or the Christian church.

Read the whole thing at Dave’s blog.



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